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I sent a “test” to two paid subscribers. Now I want to. send the post to all my free subscribers, but do not see how to do that. I can only unpublished, change to draft, and then resend, to the same people. Help!

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i wanted to try and do this recently too but from what i found in the forum posts it is not possible. i had the wrong newsletter sent out on a post and wanted to unpublish and then choose more who it originally sent to but it looks like thats not possible. this would be a really helpful feature since this is not the first time ive wanted to do this. you’d probably also want to have a warning or a checkbox to resend to those that already received it. another scenario could be to resend the newsletter if there was an edit needed in the previous one for like correcting factual information with a notice it was a republished letter to clarify.

Hi, and thanks for the quick response!

Exactly, SEND A CORRECTION! Why can’t Ghost read this Forum and respond?


Had another scenario just now, i had made some changes to dns records and someone made a post before the settings were fully tested and the emails show as “bounced” and theres no way to resend them

What are dns records? Sounds as though you are much more fully versed in this biz….

its for mail servers, its needed for mailgun to send correctly and not get flagged as spam

Interesting about dns…. What is malign? I thought Ghost sent out the newsletter?

What are dns records? Sounds as though you are much more fully versed in this biz….


if youre asking that then you need to read up on the ghost documentation and how that works with mailgun.

the closest work around for resending a newsletter ive found so far is duplicating the post, and then modifying it as you need, then publishing the dpulicate. doing this youll lose any comments on the original post i think so a resending option would still be nice.

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