Rescheduled Post Alert - Wrong Date


I noticed that after hitting reschedule - the date that is shown in the alert notification is different from what is actually being rescheduled. The scheduled post is working is fine, just that alert is showing the wrong date.

I’m using version 3.24 (haven’t upgraded because of some space issues and errors faced on another site upgraded).

Can I ask if that site is suffering the same problems? This issue may have been solved in a recent update :blush:

Would love to check out, but can’t seem to update Ghost, due to some memory issue on Digital Ocean.

Updated Ghost to 3.27 - tried rescheduling a post, which was for 31 August to 30 August. Instead it is showing 8 August.

I think its confusing/reading the date instead of the month.

Is this on the same post that you scheduled prior to updating? Would you mind creating a new post and seeing if the issue persists?