Incorrect timezone when scheduling a post

My blog’s timezone is set to GMT London, but when I try to schedule a post the timezone is set to IST… I’ve attempted changing my blog’s timezone a couple of times to trigger an update to no avail, this was done through Chrome v75.0.3770.100, Firefox Quantum v66.0.5 and the Ghost Admin app on Mac.

Ghost version: 2.23.4
Ghost-CLI version: 1.11.0

I’m not sure what other information would be relevant here, thanks.

Not sure if will help but have you checked your servers time on ubuntu use the command timedatectl to check what your local time is if its not set up properly you can check the timezone list timedatectl list-timezones and them set it with the following sudo timedatectl set-timezone TIMEZONE-FROM-LIST

Thanks for the response, my web server was running local time as IST for some reason but changing this to GMT hasn’t fixed my post scheduling.

Any other ideas?

Yah no im sorry im at a lose, the last thing I could suggest is reboot your server then restart your ghost instance. other then that maybe someone has more knowledge

Aye, i restarted ghost and the box after updating the time. I’ll keep my fingers crossed, thanks for the help!

Congrats its small usually things like this that make all the trouble till you notice its a small fix.

@Leoooob what is shown in your Ghost admin area for your site’s timezone?

Changing it there and clicking “Save settings” should be enough.

Also, just to check, you’re not running Ghost as a cluster or some other setup where you have multiple instances/processes are you?

Hmm, I’m also seeing IST locally now after changing back to GMT (London...). I’m Looking into it :confused:

Hey Kevin, it’s correctly setup in Ghost.

I self-host on the same box that I use for my portfolio website, but I’ve checked on both users and it looks correct…

@Leoooob the problem is that we store a combined timezone so that the timezone list isn’t huuuge. In the case of (GMT +0:00) Dublin, Edinburgh, London we store the timezone as Europe/Dublin which is the same as GMT+1, or BST, as we’re currently in here. Unfortunately this has the unwanted side-effect of making the timezone display in the date/time picker show IST which is the abbreviation for Irish Standard Time.

To be clear, the times are all correct so you can carry on as normal, the only thing that is “wrong” is the abbreviation display in the time field.

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Thanks a lot for looking into this Kevin, I thought it was because I spent a lot of time earlier in the year in India!

Haha, whoever thought it was a good idea to give two three very different timezones the same abbreviation :sweat_smile: That sort of thing seems par-for-the-course with anything timezone related though :weary::gun:


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