Resized images do not display

Ghost Version: 4.13.0

If you access this URL (, you’ll see big empty spaces with only written Untitled. These are the placeholders for images.

The web console shows this:

I don’t understand the Mixed Block reference.

Still the address is directly accessible:

And if I manually integrated the image using this URL, it works as expected:

I proceeded that way for a previous post I met the same issue with.


EDIT: I read about “Mixed Block” and I understand the browser block the content from loading because the original URL is in HTTPS but the media is load via HTTP.

Now, the question is: Why is the media loaded via HTTP by default?

It looks like your url is configured to be :wink: The Ghost URL must be https if you’re planning on using ssl.

Thanks! :raised_hands: It’s been so long since I’ve set this site up that I forgot about the config.json file :speak_no_evil: