Respect photos and photographers

Ghost’s philosophy is to respect the content creators, but so far it only respects the writers. I’ll suggest a few changes that are necessary before ghost can be a serious platform for all creators.

Most importantly, have a field for photographer’s byline’s under or beside their photos. Maybe even have them link to a photographer’s profile like the writers get. Cutting our names out is disrespectful and often illegal.

To make us happy present the photos more respectfully in your themes. Don’t force cropping of photos on the directory pages, show horizontal photos as horizontal and vertical as vertical, cropping the edges off might be easier, but you lose information that we put in the image for a reason.

Don’t overlay text on photos all the time. It’s a lazy design practice that often detracts from the photos power.

Create better ways to present series of photos. Wordpress has it’s carousel, lightbox, photo grid features built in.

Rethink that free photo service plugin, unless you are also including a free writing service plugin somewhere. Making it easy to include low quality stock photos often hurts content more than it helps.

Respect photos and the photographers that pour themselves into their craft.

This is already a feature. It just depends on the theme author to implement it. But as far as Ghost goes you can already have captions with that sort of information below images.

Any suggestions of themes that have implemented the new gallery feature?

Should be every single theme that has support for the new Koenig editor. It is part of the new Koenig image card.

For example I’ve used it on the first image on this post of my own theme

Also, now that I’m writing this I’m reminded that Ghost doesn’t support <a> tags inside the caption element. You can still write an URL you just can’t create a link. That would be a nice addition.

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Casper usually supports the newest features of Ghost, and the latest release is compatible with Ghost 2.1

If you want to check if a theme is compatible w/ Ghost 2.1, upload it to gscan

@Reedyn While the caption doesn’t support explicit tags, it does support basic markdown features, like _italic_ , **bold**, and [links](]

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I just tested and I do see that it supports markdown. It must’ve been an earlier version when it was during Labs that it didn’t support markdown =)

Woooww, there’s a lot of angst here and I’m sorry but that just isn’t going to fly. ~Half of our team are photographers, including myself, of which several have been professional working photographers. So, you know, maybe take a step down from that extremely precarious pedestal.

We have captions, it’s up to people to use them. We can’t force them nor do we have any intention of trying to.

That is up to the theme developer, nothing to do with Ghost.

That is up to the theme developer, nothing to do with Ghost.

That is up to the theme developer, nothing to do with Ghost.

It’s 2018. Time to get with the times and realise how the world works. Truck drivers are going to be very upset about self-driving cars, too, but that isn’t going to make the entire world stop progressing.

We will likely add more free photo services in future. And for the record: Yes, I myself distribute my own photos freely on Unsplash. Here, feel free to use them yourself and not pay me:

Drop your entitlement. The world doesn’t owe you anything.