Routing and Collection problem

I know that is sounds stupid but I can’t understand what mistakes I’m making when adding a filtered collection of posts on a page different from / on my local dev environment.

My expectation is that on /join-us/ page, Ghost will show only posts tagged by the ‘job-offer’ tag.
What I’m getting instead is no output from the foreach loop on /join-us/.

  /: index
  /join-us/: join-us
  /smartnews/: smartnews
  /about-us/: about-us

permalink: /join-us/{slug}/
template: index
filter: tag:join-us

  tag: /tag/{slug}/
  author: /author/{slug}/

On my join-us.hbs page I simply have the foreach loop with an h1 as a test.

The reason the join-us route is not outputting anything in the foreach loop is because there’s no data associated with it. Have you seen the content hub tutorial? I think it covers what you’re trying to do: