Row of buttons instead of a single button

Is there any way to make a row of buttons? I see the option to add a single button (great, love it) but I’d like 6-8 buttons on a single row. can this be done natively or does it need to be coded?

It doesn’t exist natively. It’d be pretty easy to write a teeny piece of javascript or jquery to group buttons into a row, as long as you wanted that applied to all buttons of a particular type. But this response assumes there’s already a way to get multiple buttons there. So if you have a couple of plain buttons next to each other (vertically in the editor), moving them to be in a row would be no problem, but if you have a header with ONE button in it, then how does the script to know there are supposed to be two?

I’ve got some code around here somewhere that automagically moves any button that follows a button (even if the first one is in a header or product card) into that prior element. It predates the new beta editor and some of the cards, so it probably needs some tweaking. Would that fit your use case? Or do you need more control?

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Gotcha. For clarity (and b/c there might be a better way to achieve this) I’ve got an archive of 100+ posts that are only searchable by members of certain subscription tiers. These posts are tagged and there are lots of possible tags.

I was thinking it might be useful to provide some buttons for common search terms. So in a perfect world you’d go to the archive page and there would be a search box for your custom search, but there’d also be a row or two of buttons labeled “recipes” "workout’ “news” – etc and clicking one would do a search of the post archive by that particular tag/search term.