Using a button to search a specific tag

I’d like to keep an archive of old videos and podcast and have them be searchable. Ideally I’d like to have two methods of searching a search box where you could type in any search term you like, but also a row of buttons where you could search based on the button text (for common searches).

So I’d have a button called “Cajun Recipes” and clicking that would search and display all posts tagged #cajunrecipe or whatever. Is this possible?

Well, you could simply reference the tag page url for each of your chosen groups in the correct editor place holder for each button.

You’d put the url for the tag in the button url link box. The button is inserted where you want it as a ‘Button Card’ and edited using the button card editor pop-up.

You could have several buttons on one page, one for each type of recipe. Or, you could have several recipe description pages, one for each type of recipe with just one button on each page linking to the collected posts for that type of recipe.

In your “Cajun Recipes” example, the tag url would probably be something like:-

Once you have tagged all your Cajun Recipe posts with the tag you’ve chosen for this collection of pages (e.g. cajun-recipes), that URL would open when the button was pressed with what I’d call your Cajun Recipe ‘collection’ of posts loading on a single page.

They would be gathered together in a matrix of boxes containing a summary of each post. Clicking on a recipe ‘summary box’ would open the referenced page (with the particular recipe).

Here’s what it looks like creating the button followed by what the output would look like and note in this case the collection is all the posts tagged ‘recipes’. Your page would have ‘Cajun Revipes’ as the title where you see the word ‘Recipes’ top left.

If you want to achieve all this without all these tags appearing on your front/home page (if your theme collects tags there), then use hidden tags which are not displayed in that way.

(First screenshot from my test site created just for you :blush: and second screenshot is a page from the free GhostPro ‘Taste’ theme in the Marketplace.

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Great, thorough, and very appreciated response. Ty. Totally get it.

Side note - what’s that theme? I’m using wave but but not sure it’s ideal for me.

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Sorry about slow reply…

It’s the free “Taste” theme maintained by GhostPro (Taste theme)

And the theme I use is “Simply” which is also free which I’ve modified a tiny bit (Simply Theme).

Here’s a screenshot of my home page. It’s my draft ‘play-zone’ site to learn Ghost and so it’s unpublished. It’s password protected.

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