RSS feed going to a 404 (not a private site)

I’ve searched the forum for this issue but have not found a solution.

My site has a custom template I created, all works fine, but the RSS doesn’t seem to be working. so not sure what I’ve missed.

Going by the docs, it seems Ghost should have an ‘Automatic’ RSS already configured. But when I inspect the code, I see the following:

<link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="Kia Kamgar" href="" />

Looks like the URL is empty.

So not sure where it would (automatically) get the RSS feed URL from. I suspect the routes.yaml file, but I don’t understand how to set this up.

I have read this doc about custom feeds, but it’s not a custom feed I need. I just want a feed to the blog articles.

Hope someone can point me in the right direction.


The RSS feed should be created by default.

You said you created a custom template. Was that for RSS or something else?

Do you have a custom routes file? Can you share it?

Hey Ryan, thanks for looking into this with me.

The custom template is the website. Nothing I built was for RSS in any way.

I did notice that I have rss: false setup on some of the collections, but the main one is the Blog that I want to have an RSS feed for.

Below is my full routes file…

        data: page.home
        template: home

        permalink: /post/{slug}/
        template: blog
        filter: tag:hash-blog
        permalink: /client/{slug}/
        template: client
        data: page.clients
        filter: tag:hash-client
        rss: false
        permalink: /tool/{slug}/
        template: tools
        filter: tag:hash-tool
        order: title asc
        rss: false
        permalink: /quote/{slug}/
        template: quotes
        data: page.quotes
        filter: tag:hash-quote
        order: title asc
        rss: false
        permalink: /{slug}/
        template: page
        filter: tag:hash-page
        order: title asc
        rss: false
  tag: /tag/{slug}/
  author: /author/{slug}/

Because of how you set up your routing, your RSS feed is located here:

Well I now feel a little silly!

I should have checked it before I posted, but I’m sure I did :expressionless:

Thanks for pointing it out.

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