Temporary RSS mute

I keep finding old posts that didn’t make the move from Wordpress to Ghost.

If I reinstate old posts, my RSS followers get an annoying ping with an ancient post. Can I mute RSS while I batch update old posts?

In Ghost, you can’t directly “mute” the RSS feed, however when you import posts from WordPress to Ghost, one of the fields that usually gets imported is the publication date of the post.

If the date is maintained correctly, your RSS subscribers shouldn’t be pinged about old posts because the RSS feed is chronological, and feed readers generally only show the newest items.

Just did a quick test adding a post with a publication date 2 years ago on one of my instances, and it was correctly added at the bottom of my RSS feed.

So, from my perspective, all you’d need to do is making sure that the publication date is imported correctly.

Thanks Jannis, I can see how that works.

In my case, I’m reinstating stories that are up to 15 years old, possibly 1500 places down the list from my latest post, and yet I’m getting feedback from people subscribed to my RSS feed that they are pinging up.

I’m a journalist and in one recent case, a news media clipping agency sent its clients a story I wrote ten years ago as a ‘recent news’ item. So, I guess that down-the-list thing isn’t foolproof.