RTL Layout in admin area and default theme

Please for the love of humanity, add proper RTL support for admin area and in default theme. loving ghost so much and RTL is the only one thing that is preventing me and many bloggers escaping from WordPress

This is a duplicate of Let's add rtl feature to editor :wink:

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Hi @vikaspotluri123

I already saw that post, there is a workaround there from @ahmadajmi but it’s not in ghost natively, I’m hoping for full RTL support in ghost by default in admin area, default theme, and hopefully the text editor too.

I understand that the RTL layout in admin area and default theme is a matter of css styling, but making the text-editor supporting bidi text is beyond me, unfortunately I’m not a developer myself, but I found this article that might be helpful for developers to implement bidirectional text-editor.


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