Support in RTL?



I’m new here, used the search but didn’t found any topic about it. Does ghost supports RTL ?


The admin area and the default theme have not been tested with RTL so I have no idea if it they work or not.

If you only need RTL support for your visitor-facing pages then there’s nothing stopping you from using an existing RTL theme if you can find one, creating your own theme, or modifying an existing theme to support RTL.


i just come here to know…what is RTL?
forgive me if the question is not good


forgive me if the question is not good

All questions are good, that’s how you learn :smile: RTL is short for Right-to-Left which is referring to the reading direction of the language in use, the default is LTR (or Left-to-Right) which is how the majority of languages are read but certain languages such as Arabic are opposite.

For a theme or an app to have both LTR and RTL support there usually needs to be special consideration put into the CSS and JavaScript to account for moving elements of the screen from one side to the other so that it reads naturally and isn’t difficult to interpret. However if you have a theme that is designed purely for RTL then it’s a bit easier because it’s similar to designing a theme solely for LTR.


@Kevin oh that is RTL…the arabic words…i see…i google RTL and found different things LOL…
my search end up with register-transfer-level…thanks to the community here…i now understand what RTL means in this case…if i don’t ask…maybe i will never know…

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