Run ghost and discourse together DigitalOcean

Is it advisable to install Ghost and Discourse together on the same droplet, and what are the potential considerations or challenges in doing so

I would like to run two instances of Ghost and two instances of Discourse on either a 2GB or 3GB RAM droplet. While I could opt for 1GB separately, combining them may maximize efficiency. Please advise on how to achieve this and make the most of the resources.

Yes, it’s advisable because they can share resources like memory, CPU and the database.

For Ghost, you can follow the install steps for Ubuntu twice.

I’m not familiar with the system requirements or install steps for Discourse.

Thank you for the reply. For some reason, while setting up a 1GB droplet, MySQL is not running. However, when it comes to 2GB or any other RAM droplets, the setup seems to work fine. I have learned that we need to set up MySQL manually, as mentioned in this blog: How to Install Ghost on Ubuntu 22.04.

Now, I am attempting to install both Ghost1 and Ghost2 on one droplet. Will all the new projects go into /var/www/? For example:





Please correct me if I am wrong.

They can go where you like as long as the paths in your Nginx config agrees.

I like to put mine at:


Look at the Nginx file that Ghost will generate for you, and modify the path in it as you like.

thanks for the quick replay. I am new to command prompts and nginx, as I am accustomed to cPanel and WordPress. Could you please share any docs or videos that I can use to learn and set up? I would greatly appreciate it.

When you try, I think you will find it is managable.

Nginx has a root directive, which you will see in the file it generates for you.

It may have a value like /var/www.

Change it to what you want.

systemctl reload nginx

No 10-minute video is needed.

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should i just install using 1-click tool and then CD to another directory and install the second one so i don’t need to enter lot of commands? :smiley:

I’m not familiar with the 1 Click tool. I use the official Ghost installer, which is user-friendly.

Since you will be in charge of managing the server, it’s good to start understanding some of the details about how it works in the background.

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