Recommended Method to run multiple Ghost instances?


I’m currently running two individual Ghost instances on two DigitalOcean 1GB droplets. However, I’m looking to cut my costs a little and move them onto my Hetzner CX11 VPS, which costs me way less cash per month than two DO droplets.

I know this can be achieved by running the Ghost installs independent from each other in two Docker containers, or by using Nginx server blocks.

Is there any recommended approach by you guys on how to do this? Or a solid guide that isn’t confusing or misleading?

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log into one of your droplets, go to /var/www. There will be a folder called ghost. just make a new directory called ghost2, and then navigate to inside that folder and then run the ghost install command.

Ghost will automatically set everything up and you just enter the domain details etc.

You can theoretically do this as much as you’d like IIRC, as long as each install is in it’s own folder and your VPS can handle it.



My new VPS has 2 gigabytes of RAM and a 20GB NVMe SSD. It should easily handle 2 or 3 installs.



I ran 2x instances on the small 1gb DO droplet and it used 770mb ram with a swap file.


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