Run locally and upload static pages to web hosting

What are your preferred ways to run Ghost locally and upload statically exported pages to web hosting?

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My mind spills out the following:

Write a script that overwrites everything online and schedule it.


curl export-url-local
curl import-url-online
rsync -avP --delete content/ remote-server:~/content

I don’t like this.

May I ask, why do you don’t like this?

After investigations into multiple Ghost-based sites I realize serverside performance issues, mainly TTFB.
I suspect, the kind of building up a site from a template, done by NodeJS isn’t enough efficient.
So my way here would be, as I do it since years with Wordpress, to develop locally and push static files to server, which handles flat HTML.

I’m using gssg (ghost static site generator) these days. I used buster before that. They’re a bit finicky, but mostly work.

I have a custom script to do the things gssg misses.