Ghost hosted locally into a static website

I ve several small website (mainly wp) but i am liking the semplicity of ghost more: i cannot afford speding 9€ a month per site.
My idea is to install Node locally, then installing Ghost locally, and using some solution to have a static website, which i can upload on some shared (cheaper server): i do understand that some stuff will be lost (comments, newsletter) but I do not really care for this kind of experiments

for the sequence i ve found this:

  1.* s/node/. - install node
  2. How to install Ghost locally on Mac, PC or Linux - install ghost
  3. and i ve found some tutorial for an headless ghost but I am not sure how to proceed here

can someone give me pointers in this direction? (ghost to static?)



I think it’ll depend a bit on your familiarity with JS, but a nice option is to use Astro to statically generate your site. There’s a starter here:

And this is Astro:

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You can run Ghost for $2/month on Pikapods
I think this is the cheapest managed solution available.


Gatsby. Similar to Astro, as mentioned above. I’m sure Jekyll has one too.

Here’s Gatsby’s:

(GitHub - TryGhost/gatsby-starter-ghost: A starter template to build lightning fast websites with Ghost & Gatsby)

You can also self host on github, by crawling your site locally and uploading the result - see GitHub - SimonM0/ghost-static-site-generator: Generate a static site from ghost and deploy using a CI

I did this for my personal blog back in 2021, hosted on github. Hello 👻 World not used it in a while (almost a year) so will try to revive the blog shortly.

You miss out on all the smart features, but if you just want to use Ghost as a Editor/publisher - it works fine.