Running Wiki JS alongside Ghost - Resolving subdomain to a seperate port on the same server

Hi all,

I have a fresh Ghost installation running on Ubuntu 22.04, and have installed Wiki JS on to the same server. Everything installed perfectly, and I can access the Ghost site from the URL. I can also access the Wiki JS site from port 3000 using the IP address. However, I can’t seem to get Wiki JS working on a subdomain ( This is the only way Wiki JS will work with a domain.

My DNS record is an A record with a subdomain that points to the server IP address.

I know that I need to configure Nginx to pass the subdomain to the server on port 3000.

However, I’m unclear about how to do this, and it’s proving challenging.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

I don’t think this is a ghost question! :slight_smile:

Happily, you have a working example for your Ghost site, so duplicating that and changing the port and subdomain should be a good place to start. Nginx configuration files usually live in /etc/nginx

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Thank you!

Apologies. I thought I’d try here as it was the integration with Ghost that was flummoxing me. I got it sorted by installing Wiki JS on a seperate VPS with its own Nginx config. Perhaps a bit of a kluge, but much cleaner.

I suggest you to use CloudPanel which is fully support Nodejs, also you are able to choose custom ports (e.g. Ghost using port 2638, WikiJS using port 3000.

Read more on CloudPanel Docs

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Thank you. I’ll check it out.