Search for a developper to customize Lyra Theme

I’m searching for a dev that can provide solid customization works.

We’re using Lyra.
We want to enhance the theme with some lacking features :

  • in the header, a custom search, social icons, and (simple) dropdown menu ;
  • a custom footer, to display more links.

We want these features to be added as smoothly as possible, we’ll be very attentive to the final design result.

If you think you could do the job, please send me an email at hello[at]grandlabo[dot]com :slight_smile:
Thank you !


Just curious: why not use a theme that already has those features? Anything special about the Lyra theme?

Hello @gregpozo.
Good question !
None of the themes that we found on the marketplace fits our needs. A lot of them, honestly, doesn’t have the polish final touch that we could expect from premium themes. There are some beautiful themes (from @fueko, the best theme author here), of course, but most of them have a blog layout style.

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i understand, that makes sense. My base theme is from @fueko as well. I think it’s better to customize on top of another theme, but if you feel happy about the base Lyra look, that’s perfect.