Search main.css for sodo-search 520 error

Issue Summary
I am using the Auden theme and for a few days, the search functionality stopped working. When I press on the search button the overlay element appears ( because I cannot use the rest of the website), but there is nothing in it. I have found in the code that the main.css from sodo-search returns 520.

I have used the Inspect element to see if the functionality of the search is good and after displaying the elements inside the iframe everything was fine. However, I cannot manipulate the iframe using JS.

Setup information

Ghost Version

Node.js Version

How did you install Ghost?
Using the official docker image. But I have tested locally using the steps with npm.

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Ubuntu 16 (production) and Macos 17 (locally)

Database type
SQLite 3

Browser & OS version
In Console there is a 520 error for the following URL:

Relevant log / error output
sodo-search.min.js:2 GET net::ERR_ABORTED 520


Ghost has replaced with jsdeliver in late 2022. The Ghost version you are running (v5.3.1) has been released before that.

I’d recommend to update Ghost to the latest version (v5.82.1) – but you’ll probably run into quite a few issues along the way, specifically with the Node.js version (v18 is now required) and the fact that SQLite is not supported anymore (Node.js should be handled by the Docker image though – so, one less thing to worry about).

If you want to stay on your Ghost version, have a look here to see how you can replace the unpkg-links through the configuration:

The URL for jsdeliver would be:

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In this case, the fact that the CSS file of the sodo-search package is receiving error 520 in your browser may indicate that the package was not loaded properly from the server or there is an error on the server side. A 520 error is an HTTP error that usually indicates a problem on the server side.

You may need to provide more information to resolve the issue you are having with changing the iframe content. If you tell me what methods you have tried to change the content or why you are having difficulty changing the iframe content, I can help more.

Looks like the problem has been solved by itself. Now everything is working. I was using the default search from ghost and no extra development was made to it.