Secondary navigation missing from Edge theme

I’m using the Edge theme for a website and noticed that the secondary navigation menu isn’t there. The secondary nav menu is where, by default, the link to a required privacy & data page is located, so that link is absent from the page as well.

I can manually add a link to the template in the copyright section, however I’m wondering if the omission of this secondary nav and link to a privacy & data page was accidental?

If anybody who is using the Edge theme happens to stumble upon this post and requires some assistance with adding a link to a privacy page, contact page or whatever in the footer, just let me know and I’ll be happy to help. You might also want to add a copyright notice.

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Does anyone know how to get this secondary menu to display?
I would like to use it too in Edge…

The secondary navigation menu isn’t in the template for the Edge theme. You’ll need to add the menu / links at the bottom of the page manually (in the template file).

Yes, it could be done that way but I’m hoping someone will work out how to modify this theme to bring the secondary menu back, so you can then use the dashboard secondary menu editor with this theme.

It’s too difficult for me to work out though :slight_smile:

Hey everyone! The secondary navigation support has just been added to Edge theme. Download the latest version of the theme to get the feature on your site :slightly_smiling_face:


@minimaluminium, thank you! This is much appreciated.

And just a quick note: You may wish to update to reflect the change :slightly_smiling_face: (You probably already intended to - I’m only mentioning it on the off chance it had been forgotten).

Done :slightly_smiling_face:, thanks!

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Thanks, that’s really useful :slight_smile:

For a general feature request for the navigation menus in the dashboard, it would be great to have to have an option to show or hide each heading, sometimes you want to hide them from view but not delete them. Like an on or off switch…

Not sure about the actual use case, but you could use CSS as code injection for hiding menu items on the frontend. As an example on Edge’s demo site, to hide the menu item “Portraits”, the CSS will be something like:

    .menu-item-portraits {
        display: none;

Thanks, yes that’s one way to do it. :slight_smile:
It was just that coming from using other CMS website systems I have been using previously to Ghost like Berta and Indexhibit where you can hide menu items in the gui, I was surprised this wasn’t an option yet.

Keep in mind that Ghost is intentionally very lean. How often would you find yourself needing to toggle nav menu items on or off?

In the case where I might want to, for example, hide the link to a forum while the forum is undergoing maintenance, I would just delete the nav menu item from the dashboard and then re-add it later.

I think deleting menu items and then adding it back is not a good design for Ghost, which feels really nice in many other ways.
When you’re building a site it’s quite a common thing to need to do. It’s not a major thing, just feels like an oversight to me, so will probably feel like that to other new users too, coming from other systems. :slight_smile:

Perhaps I misunderstand what it is you are asking for. Anyway, you could post your idea as a separate topic in the “Ideas” category so that people can vote for it.

oh great, yeah I should do that thanks :slight_smile: