Security problem & updating to the last version

Hello everyone,

I’d been a happy Ghost user for few days when I got some concerning emails about the security of my account.
Everything seemed just as easy as everyone had promised and I enjoyed simply writing, but then I got those weird notifications and so I got in touch with Ghost, Ghost support team told me I had to update my Ghost to the latest verion alone.
I’m hosting with GetMidnight.
I’m not a developer and I’m panicking because maybe my decision was too fast and I shouldn’t have chosen Ghost at all. Don’t know where to start and all the info given on the topic (updating, reinstalling etc.) is too difficult for me. I’d thought that Ghost had advanced options for developres who could benefit from the system flexibility, but as long as I stuck to a theme (Casper in my case), I would be fine with a simple blog. Maybe I should have just stuck to Substack and that was a complete misunderstanding.

Would really appreciate any help, thank you.

Welcome to the community, @Briolet_Halo!

First, don’t panic! Get Midnight is a managed Ghost hosting service, so they will take care of this for you.

All software can experience security vulnerabilities from time-to-time. The email was from Ghost, and this explains that they are on top of things, and have fixed the problem, which is why they released the update.

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Thank you, that’s very reassuring <3 For now waiting for an answer from Midnight.