Ghost update rollback from 4.19 to 4.16 failing after unsuccessful update

Hi ghost community, I recently started my website and had successfully set up mail/ subscription capability. I received an email a few days ago telling me to update my ghost version as there was a security error up to and including ghost 4.15, but I had insufficient memory to ‘ghost update’ to the latest version so instead moved to 4.16.

Today, I noticed the member subscription feature was broken again on the website, and did not seem to be related to mail. I therefore tried to upgrade to the latest version of ghost thinking that may solve the issue, but it was unsuccessful, at which point I was prompted with a ‘continue upgrade Y/n prompt’ - I selected “n”, but unfortunately this broke my website instance running. I have not been able to ghost start since then (the screenshot below has my ghost doctor, and then ghost run output respectively).

I am hosting on Digital Ocean with Cloudflare for additional security. If I am unable to make this code work again due to the broken paths, is there a way for me to retrieve my articles from my /var/www/ghost/ folders so that I can re-install and start my website again? Thank you in advance

Update 1: OK, so on looking closer it seems there are two repositories within /var/www/ghost/versions, 4.15.1 and 4.19.0, which is incomplete I assume due to sizing issues. Is it safe for me to delete 4.19.0 and continue?
Update 2 (FIXED): I actually just needed to try ghost update again!! Since the 4.19.0 was incomplete which I assumed was due to memory but when I used the ‘free’ command I saw I have heaps of memory still available. Therefore was able to complete ghost update properly this time and successfully get my website back up.

Leaving this thread here in case anyone else needs it, past posts and replies in the ghost forum have helped me heaps with many issues I have had!