Self host ghost blog in minutes

I created a ghost template with s3 storage, mail services, remote db backups for self hosting.
It uses docker.
When i was hosting my blog I had to research a lot for all the services and creating a docker-compose file.
Also i could not find any remote backup service for backing up my ghost mysql db, so i created one.
Checkout the template at


I did something similar with a ‘base’ image I created. The remote backup is cool though I was hoping it would be scheduled directly into the docker container.

You may want to look at this: GitHub - mcuadros/ofelia: A docker job scheduler (aka. crontab for docker) and see if you can invoke that directly from the docker-compose. It’ll keep everything contained and not require external crontab setup and such.

Just a thought.

Cron job from compose file looks good to me. That was actually on my todo.
Would also like to add generic remote backups(without AWS).

I just uploaded the project as i was using it.


cool! on Plesk, they use docker images to allow ghost installs- I doubt many would be comfortable with using less official docker images tho.

The docker images I pointed to are all Open Source and easily fork-able to create your own version if you choose to maintain them.

Also, adding some functionality like automated backups and such would be invaluable to me at least long term which isn’t really needed for a basic base image of ghost.