Sending Domain Required to Send Emails in 2024?

A lot of the email people – such as Google, Outlook, Yahoo, and maybe even more – require a configuration for emails now to include the sending domain. Here’s an example of a configuration file from another popular app I use to give you the idea…

smtp_from="My Website <>"

I have been working with playing around with Mailgun to make this work again. I tried to enable and disable SSL/TLS to `true`. I have tried Outlook, Yahoo, and Google. I am honestly lost on why I am having issues now.... I did read about this. 

Also, Mailgun is not saying it is sending or even failing to deliever emails at all. They were working about a month ago when I last invited a staff member.

I’m going to move your message over to developer/self-hosting help, since it isn’t clear you’re reporting a bug so much as you need configuration help.

If you haven’t read it, this may be a good place to start.

If you’d like help getting your email configured, post configuration details for your setup, and the domain name (so that someone can check your DNS records).

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