SEO + Multiple tags in the URL


I realized that the URL could be a way more descriptive if I used multiple tags as subfolders for the URL. Is there a way to combine multiple tags in the URL?


Ghost doesn’t support using tags as part of the URL in routing except for the primary_tag. So there’s not an automated way to accomplish this.

If you really want your URLs to look like this, you’d need to set up the routing manually for each post and each index page.

Another option would be to make your primary tag something that contains the key words you’re trying to stuff into the URL. So instead of having a Europe tag and a Belgium tag, you’d have a descriptively-named tag with a europe-belgium tag as your primary tag, and route those posts to yoursite/europe-belgium/post-slug. (You could also have a separate Europe tag, to allow you to show everything tagged as being in Europe.)