Serve some articles from another domain

I have some articles that I want to serve from another domain rather then the main domain. is my main domain that I use for my blog. However there are some articles that I want to serve from another domain (, for example, documentation

Is there anyway to serve some of the articles from another domain?

What connection between the two domains are you looking for? Are you wanting this to be one Ghost install or two?

If two installs, you could use some JavaScript to pull articles from one onto the other’s page, or link between them using your navigation bar.

If you’re wanting one install to serve pages for two domains, that’s not something Ghost supports directly, but it could be accomplished with a reverse proxy and some rewriting. For example, you could put Cloudflare in front and rewrite urls that match a particular pattern to the second domain before returning the response.

Having said that, you’re taking an SEO hit by not having your content on the same domain. Usually people rewriting urls are doing so for the opposite reason — to make separate installs/services look like one!

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