Server-side JS calls


I wanted to do some Javascript ajax calls before the page loads, IE serverside-JS. I wanted to do this so that I can render some data using handlebars rather then dynamically changing the page after it loads with jQuery etc. Is there a way to make server-side AJAX calls with Ghost?


No. If you absolutely have to do something server-side you could have your own app which proxies to Ghost then modifies the returned HTML before returning that to the client.


What exactly is the use-case? There may be other ways to achieve what you want.


I see. That’s interesting on the proxy. Is there documentation on that?

For this specific case, I’m implementing my own basic search so if a user goes to then that user would get all posts with the word ‘design’ in it. Doing this on the client-side is fine, but it would be most awesome to have no client loading times and just make that call on the server.


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