Set timezone when using published_at in routes

In my routes.yaml, I have this entry:

    controller: channel
    filter: published_at:>='2020-01-01'+published_at:<='2020-12-31'
    order: published_at asc

But articles near limits (ie December 31st) are not returned by this code. I suppose it’s a timezone problem? How can I set the timezone correctly?

As my blog is in pacific time, I tried with:

    filter: published_at:>='2020-01-01T00:00:00-08:00'+published_at:<='2020-12-31T23:59:59-08:00'

But it’s not working.

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Still struggling with this issue. Here is an example:

Here is the page corresponding to this filter:

    controller: channel
    filter: published_at:>='2018-01-01'+published_at:<='2018-12-31'
    order: published_at asc

You will see that the last article of 2018 is not in the list

The publish date for this article is “2018-12-31 10:00 PST”.

Any idea?

Still a problem in 2024.
Spent hours figuring out what’s the problem, but I guess it’s a bug in Ghost.