Scheduler adding site timezone to publishing time

I’m having trouble scheduling a post after upgrading to version 5.0.

In the example below, if I try to schedule a publication for 06:00, the time is changed to 09:00. To be able to program at the correct time I need to type 03:00 and the time is updated to 06:00


In the case of my blog, my blog’s timezone is GMT -03:00, and apparently the scheduler is adding the difference between GMT 00:00 and the time entered.

I changed, to test this hypothesis, the site’s timezone to GMT -04:00 and when typing the same publication time (06:00) the value was changed to 10:00

This has already been fixed and will be included in an imminent patch release :slight_smile:

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And… 5.0.1 is now out with the fix :tada:


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