Setting cookie on subscribe success?

Currently, I can only find

{{subscribe_form placeholder=""}}

In my theme’s code. This subscribe_form is loaded in server-side, which I don’t have access to, as I’m using Ghost Pro.

Is it possible to customize the on success/error someone subscribing?

Hey there @MLFromScratch :wave:. This can be done with our new members form, which comes with built in error handling:

It also comes with the option to listen to error states as well displaying error messages when a form is unable to submit.

Hope this helps!

Maybe you are confusing members and subscribers. I have not activated the members feature, but I do collect e-mails using the subscriber feature in Ghost.

My question was with regards to new subscribers, if it’s possible to add a cookie once someone successfully subscribes?

Edit: Oops, what was subscribers is now members :slight_smile:

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