How to implement subscribe feature in self hosted ghost?

Please help me to implement the subscriber feature as I enabled the subscriber button but it is infinitely loading after the submission of subscriber email.

Can anyone share the full guide, how to set up this feature properly in self-hosted ghost.

Ghost 3.0
Self-hosted ghost


have you enabled Members Feature in Ghost Admin > Labs > Enable Members ?
I tried to subscribe to your site and noticed, that members.js cannot be fetched.

Yes, I have enabled the members from the lab but there from email is not updating and also it is not working on the main website.

How to solve member.js fetching problem??

Thanks for the reply.

Could you please do the following the following steps, so we can find what might be going on:

  • run $ ghost doctor in your ghost directory to see if any errors come up
  • check out /ghost/content/logs/*.error.log to see further error details, when trying to subscribe