Setup Nested Pages

I am currently trying to setup a website using Ghost, not a landing page.

I want to create different pages with other pages inside of them where I will have my posts.

Like in the image above. How do I do that using Ghost Admin Panel? Can I do it with No Code? If there is a tutorial on how to do this, please link it.

The Ghost documentation is huge, a lot of information to process, and I just do not know where to look exactly.

Thanks in advance

Do you have an example website/blog of what you are trying to achieve?

I think you can achieve the by editing the routes.yaml file and setting the slugs to the parents. Ghost calls this collections and you can set a specific template for them.

Check this tutorial for more info

I have been trying to do that but the filter tag property is not working for the collections.

For example I want to only show posts with tech tag in the but instead it is getting all the tags that I have created tech design business etc…

this is my code in the router.yaml file

    permalink: /blogs/tech/{slug}/
    filter: tech