Shall I add a superuser and use that instead of ghost mgr?

I read here the blog author suggesting to add a superuser and use that because ghost mgr has some permission misconfiguration.

Does it make sense? Sorry if noob question, just starting out with self-hosting Ghost. (currently on DigitalOcean)

That advice does not make sense.

Question any advice like “things were a little finicky so I used root instead”.

First, the Ghost manager user works fine. If there’s a permission issue, it’s real and and should be addressed.

Second, already has sudo run things as superuser-- the default user that comes with the system can do that-- ubuntu unless the image has been customized. Also, with Ubuntu you can already use sudo su to become the root user with full permissions. There’s no benefit to creating a second superuser when you already have access to the root user and sudo.

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