Would you recommend self-hosted or pro?

Hi guys,

I’m thinking of moving from Wordpress to ghost.

For all you current users, would you recommend self hosted or a pro plan?

It depends on what you’re looking for. Self hosting is usually cheaper than hosting with Pro, but it comes at the cost of having to manage updating Ghost, and not having access to Ghost Support if you need help. Hosting with Pro has the limitation of not having direct access to your Ghost instance, so if you need to make changes for whatever reason, it’s not possible (though most users don’t need to make changes).

That being said, if you’re just looking to blog, I would suggest Ghost Pro, but if you’re okay with spending the time to manage your instance, or if you can’t afford the Pro pricing, self hosting is your solution.

There’s no right or wrong answer :slight_smile: it depends on your situation and different options are suited to different people - there’s an overview/comparison here: https://docs.ghost.org/concepts/hosting/

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

So my position is:

  • I’m tech savvy but have no real coding experience.

How much coding experience is needed to self-host a ghost blog?

Would I be able to follow an online guide relatively easily to get my site up and running?

I’m happy to buy a VPS and point my domain name to it. I know that with some places you can do one-click installation for ghost, I believe? Anything more than this and I would need to follow instructions.

@UnleashedAgain the docs are a good place to start :slight_smile:

If you tech savvy but with little to non Experience in Coding, than you should try out uberspace.de/en/ for hosting for sure.

I was a very active Customer there for many Years and now i just One of Many and more passive, because i switched from „self-managing“ at the above mentioned Company to „managed-hosting“ at cadabra.blog to invest more of my Time in actual Writing and Thinking instead of the managing the Background of my Projects. :wink:

Why do i refer to uberspace.de ?
Because they are AWESOME in every possible Way when it comes to Self-Hosting your Project even if you have little to no Knowledge about Linux and/or Command Line like the Shell.
Everyone of the Team behind uberspace is a real Professional in what they doing and the best of all it doesn’t feels like a big clunky Company with complex Structures, more like „still a Start-Up“ where you get sometimes answered your Support-Ticket by the CEO/Boss himself.

For me personally it was „Eye opening“ back in the Days, many Years ago, when i was that Person who had little to know Experience in Linux or Shell. Back then uberspace was for GERMAN only and now they evolved further, to spread the Knowledge. I appreciate that so much, because they are so awesome in my Opinion.

I‘am still a kinda n00b in Linux and Shell and absolute in Programming but with the fantastic Help at uberspace it‘s not „Magic“ to me anymore… :slight_smile:

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