Share your blog/newsletter/community in this thread :)

Can’t count on Medium… I still stick by this post.

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Nice post, @jpm, & I agree. I love the aesthetic of your blog, btw, and the variety of topics you write about. Looks like you’re up to some interesting things. (I also enjoyed reading your ‘about’ page, I’m a British-born Punjabi, so it was a nice surprise to come across some Sanskrit :slight_smile:

Thanks! Hate to be a called a Renaissance Man… but that could be the case! Grew up in UK myself, have some great Punjabi friends, and a playlist recommended of Punjabi music!

Do ping me on twitter, as I don’t want to fill up the Ghost forum with casual convos.

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I can relate… I’m more of a scanner/multi-potentialite vs a specialist. Nice to meet you. I’ve followed you on twitter, though I’m hardly on there these days.

We’re a long running theme shop for Ghost themes and recently launched a blog focused on publishing helpful Ghost articles and tutorials.


Hey everyone!

I will join the presentations by teaching a new personal project created with Ghost Blog. You can see it here

It would be great to get feedback and what you think of the design.

I’ve been a programmer for over 15 years and hope to have some free time shortly and start contributing ghost source code.

Hi everyone!

I’m sharing my articles about Internet, tech, tool manuals and photography with Ghost Blog. You can surf at

It’ll be so great that you can view my blog.

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Hi guys! I’ve started a newsletter about outdoor cooking. I have big dreams (don’t we all?)

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Hey all, I just started a blog that is covering design, business, productivity and other inspirations.

Please feel free to join :slight_smile: