Share your blog/newsletter/community in this thread :)

hey Vasilli - nice to meet you :slight_smile: In case you’ve not come across it already, you can use Disqus for comments too, as I understand it. I like the look of Cove, too.

Hi @jsh4,
I know there are many alternatives, like Disqus, but I would like something that can integrate with registered Ghost users, so in the future, if Ghost implements the native comment functionality, I will have no migration problems.

It seems to me that Covo is integrated to users registered on Ghost, but I have to understand if in the future, with a native functionality of Ghost comments, there may be problems.

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ah, I see. Yeah, an in-built feature would be pretty handy.

Hi there,

I am a writer and have been using Ghost to self-publish and promote my work. I’ve also been using it to manage my mailing list and send weekly newsletters to my followers (I highly recommend this!).

Have a look through my website, I am quite proud of it:


nice to meet you :slight_smile: I’ve sent weekly previously, but have recently moved to a monthly ‘longer’ newsletter, vs a shorter, weekly one.

Hi! I’m running a blog using Ghost talking about investing and self-improvement. You can find the site here:

I’ve been using Ghost to email newsletters with every post (but I’m currently thinking about making it a weekly newsletter with the new email cards).

If you’re making a forum, Discourse is great (Which is what this forum and Cloudflare’s forum uses). If you want to integrate it with Ghost members, you will need do delve into their admin API and set up authentication with Discourse to make it work probably.


I love the look of your blog - and it’s great that you run this together (and from Singapore).

hey @chenningg, I started out with emails with every post (on Substack, which encouraged this), and have gradually moved to less frequency and, currently, a monthly newsletter.

Thanks for the Discourse vote… it’s been around a while, but I’ve looked at some of the newer platforms and I think I still prefer the simplicity/UX of Discourse. Also, I understand that it’s great for ‘searching’/SEO purposes.

Thank you! I’m actually just using the native Lyra theme. Yeah, as I’m switching keyword strategies to accommodate for shorter articles, it’s getting a bit annoying if I have to spam all my subscribers with an email for each article.

It’s still annoying to send weekly newsletters since I have to turn off Zapier each time (it helps me publish each post to social media) I publish a new “email-only” newsletter post.

What are your other considerations for a forum tech stack?

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Hey everyone, its cool to see all these different projects on here.

I’ve putting the finishing touches on my new blog/newsletter site about travel. It’s here - I’d love to get some feedback and see what you think. BTW I’m using a slightly modified version of the Shoji theme by Fueko.

I’m moving over here from squarespace and really liking the experience here so far compared to there.


hey @brendantko - wow, I love the theme/design. I was going to ask which it was before I saw you’d shared it.

I’ve used Squarespace before, too… now that I’ve found Ghost, I reckon I’ll be sticking here for a while. :slight_smile:

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Yeah it seems like Ghost is a great thing to stick around for!

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:slight_smile: Also, re: feedback, I like the ‘about the author’ bio’s you both have, but I’d quite like to see this further up the page. Perhaps in an ‘about’ bit on the top menu, as well as there at the bottom? Just my 2 cents.

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@jsh4, ah thanks for that. So maybe have that “about us” bit at the top? It would feel a bit better?

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yeah, or just also have an ‘about’/‘about us’ link at the top on the menu, next to ‘Photography’? I feel it’s important to be visible, and it’ll mean more people might see it.

You could also keep it at the bottom like you have already… I like how it looks there, plus it’s just another opportunity for people to read about you :slight_smile:

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Oh I see what you mean, yeah that’s a good idea. It would probably help make it more personal. Thanks for the advice

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cool, I’m planning to use Zapier to tell me when new subscribers join, and possible to help me automate posts -> Twitter.

I like to keep things as simple as possible. It’s why I started out with Substack and only now am I migrating to something more sophisticated, now that I’ve “outgrown” substack. So, the plan is Ghost (for blog/newsletter) + Podbean/Transistor for podcast (I’m considering a dedicated site for my podcast) + Discourse for forum.

Up till now, my blog + newsletter + podcast + “forum” (substack lets you start threads) have existed completely on substack.

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Hi @vasilli. For now at least, there will be no in-built commenting system (see thread here: Native comments system)

As the creator of Cove, I have no plans to shut it down any time soon. I love the Ghost ecosystem and being able to contribute with a small tool like this. If Ghost does create a native commenting system in the future, I will make sure there is an easy way to migrate your comments, no problem.

(If it helps, one of the Ghost co-founders is using Cove on their site at the moment.)

Hi @dan,
thanks for this clarification, I will probably give it a chance. Is there no free N-day trial plan?

You get 14 days free to try out Cove (which I can easily extend, if you like).


I just heard that Medium have just announced newsletters

I still preferred Substack, and it was the right choice for me before I outgrew it.