Share your Ghost Blog URL!

This is my blog – built not too long ago:

Also wrote a custom theme for the blog, Ganymede:


@itsmingjie I really like how clean and lean your Ganymede theme is! It makes for a very pleasant and focused reading experience :ok_hand:

@curiositry Thanks so much! Glad you like it :star2:

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Thank you, I am glad you liked it!

So after posting this plea for help finding a simplistic theme I stumbled across the latest incarnation of Atilla with built-in dark mode support. It took a fair bit of CSS modifications, and some layout changes within the theme itself, but I finally got what I have been trying to achieve. I think I am fairly pleased at this point, but am still tweaking things and toying with some other ideas.

Without further ado:


I purpose too my blog URL :

It use Nurui theme. It’s a blog on sciences and technologies.


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pirmax, I think this is the Maido theme. Really nice site! :smiley:

Yes, sorry for the mistake :crazy_face:

Thank you!


Here is my new blog ATMOLABS built with Ghost + Casper 3.

I started playing around with gatsby-starter-ghost since a static site would be much faster and I do not have overly dynamic content. However, the starter theme is really just a starter - and does not come close to the original Casper 3 theme. Ditched it for now…

Hi, we build RoadGoat’s blog with Ghost and we love it!

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Share a google analytics and seo tips. Come here Casper theme with customize design :slight_smile:

Here’s my new blog dedicated towards helping people find interesting cultural activities while so many of use are socially isolated. It’s based on the Simply theme (thanks @GodoFredoNinja) with a slight modification to remove post metadata.

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My other blog is solely dedicated to Ghost! Based on Maido:


nice! I like the modern background

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Thank you!!!


I’m using Simply Theme by @GodoFredoNinja on my site I just loved the theme! it has some neat features included!!!

I created as a showcase of blogs built with Ghost. Hope everyone finds it inspiring and useful.


Ultimate study case here. Our initial purpose got so overwhelming with wordpress, that at one point things slowly died out. Ironically, our project is what wordpress’ original goal was/is: a publishing platform.

With over 20 plugins that constantly required updating and tweaking, it was time to let go. Here’s a picture of what we let go of: (I wish I also snapped Google/Pingdom’s old results)

Current setup is with:

  • Digital Ocean droplet
  • Digital Ocean Spaces
  • Cloudflare
  • Casper theme with basic css tweaks

There’s a ton more I’d like to do but Ghost has helped reignite the fire this project once had. The link to all of this can be found here.



mine is

basic lyra theme.

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