Share your Ghost Blog URL!

This seems like a copy of Liebling enabled for members:


Opps sr, i just active Liebeling for test, please check it again :smiley:

That’s a neat theme! I’m currently using a Gatsby frontend for my site, but if I move to Ghost then this is just what I’d need :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks, when I switched to Ghost, I tried to find a similar free themes but didn’t, so I decided to create it :smiley:

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@sashinexists I too am extremely proud of your website. Your theme is striking. But your content is equally compelling. Congratulations, my friend!

Ghost really grows on a person!
Here’s mine, using a slightly modified Editorial;

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This is my blog – built not too long ago:

Also wrote a custom theme for the blog, Ganymede:


@itsmingjie I really like how clean and lean your Ganymede theme is! It makes for a very pleasant and focused reading experience :ok_hand:

@curiositry Thanks so much! Glad you like it :star2:

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Thank you, I am glad you liked it!

So after posting this plea for help finding a simplistic theme I stumbled across the latest incarnation of Atilla with built-in dark mode support. It took a fair bit of CSS modifications, and some layout changes within the theme itself, but I finally got what I have been trying to achieve. I think I am fairly pleased at this point, but am still tweaking things and toying with some other ideas.

Without further ado:


I purpose too my blog URL :

It use Nurui theme. It’s a blog on sciences and technologies.


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pirmax, I think this is the Maido theme. Really nice site! :smiley:

Yes, sorry for the mistake :crazy_face:

Thank you!


Here is my new blog ATMOLABS built with Ghost + Casper 3.

I started playing around with gatsby-starter-ghost since a static site would be much faster and I do not have overly dynamic content. However, the starter theme is really just a starter - and does not come close to the original Casper 3 theme. Ditched it for now…

Hi, we build RoadGoat’s blog with Ghost and we love it!

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Share a google analytics and seo tips. Come here Casper theme with customize design :slight_smile:

Here’s my new blog dedicated towards helping people find interesting cultural activities while so many of use are socially isolated. It’s based on the Simply theme (thanks @GodoFredoNinja) with a slight modification to remove post metadata.

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My other blog is solely dedicated to Ghost! Based on Maido: