Share your Ghost Blog URL!

Your blog is ver good. There is no 3rd party comment extension. So I could not write somthings. I recommend to use “GraphComment” [Click to see tutorial of GraphComment ]. Your cloudinary image hosting tutorial for Ghost CMS is perfect. But I cant manage them from admin page. Currently I can upload images to Cloudinary but I cant use them for next posts. I need to upload same images again. İs not there any asset management interface for cloudinary in Ghost?

Here is my Ghost blog:

It includes my book notes and posts and things I’m learning (there are several Ghost-specific posts as well).

I’ve used WordPress in the past and Ghost is a breath of fresh air! I just wanted a simple post editor and no excess cruft so I can have a lean, mean, lightweight website (thank you Ghost Team).

Theme is Weblog by Curiositry. I use for the analytics and DuckDuckGo for search. Want to figure out some options for commenting and email signup, but will get to that next.

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@mentalpivot I really like what you’ve done with Weblog on your blog. I also noticed a curious overlap in reading tastes — Subscribed via RSS :slight_smile:

Hi everyone!

I started a new german blog using Ghost v3 3 days ago:
Tinkering Mind using the MNML Theme. It runs very smooth so far and I like it a lot!!

And heres another site of mine which I run on a completely customized theme: Ars Neurochirurgica


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