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I use ghost to run adventure travel and outdoor resource website Wanderstories using a slightly modified version of Casper.

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I run It’s a professional blog, a bit by accident (I get about 10K views a month and people refer to it for my consulting work), but I also blog about things like how to restore motorcycles, and to summarise books I’ve read.

It’s also a platform where I experiment with ghost and headless CMS, for when I eventually migrate our other WordPress blog to something more advanced. A long way off for now - WordPress is so flexible.

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So this is my ghost blog:

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I use a customized version of Casper. I think Ghost is a great product.

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My blog site is based on a WordPress blog theme (Quill). The site is hosted on Google Compute Engine (Ubuntu 16.04, Apache, MySql).


Thank @KranzKrone. Ive put quite a lot of work into it. Sometimes its quite difficult to write the most minimalistic version :slight_smile:
I am thinking to release the Theme at some point in the future, when all the bugs are removed.

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Just migrating my 14 years old blog / 2400 posts on Ghost !

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My personal blog about tech, media and ux-design (sorry, it’s in German): sludern dot com.

Using the Laminim theme by @curiositry. Very happy with it! Almost none modifications (removed some stuff like share links).


My 16 year old blog migrated to Ghost a year ago, and is hosted on ghost(pro) using the Royce theme.

One Man & His Blog


Well, this theme is pretty dope: