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very nice, it would be interesting to have templates like this ready to buy

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congrats, i love this style, i would like such a template

Thank you @giacomosilli It is not yet finished. Blog sections, contact sections, and most of them are to be created. Will update you once it done.

I think Reiro theme.

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I’ve used a the Dashi theme here:

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Hi Ghost friends :wave:

We’re relatively new to the Ghost world (recently moved over from Wix — best decision ever!), so are very much still learning the ropes, but this is what The Actor’s Dojo is looking like at the moment.

I believe we’re using the “edition” theme. We love how clean and minimal it is.

1 Like is based on the Aesto theme from @inoryum.

The base theme has extensive customizations. Inyorum/Aesto was not my first choice, but the developer of my first-choice theme refused to provide any support or customization. So I walked away.

Salehin at Inyorum not only does my hosting, he provides theme and platform updates and he’s done some heavy lifting integration, like getting Meilisearch to work.

Some of the suggestions I made for improving the Aesto theme have been integrated into other Inyorum themes and so it’s a win-win relationship.

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