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:brain: A blog about personal development. (mindset, how to study effectively and neurolinguistic programming).

with a theme from Ali Abdaal

Guys, I created my own portfolio website using Ghost on AWS. You can check it out and show some love.

I have created a new ghost to share some information related to Ghost Blog SEO

Here is the website:
Ghost SEO


Looks good! Only thing I noticed is that the Contact button in the nav dropdown has a big gap on the left.

Just switched from Krabi to Tuuli (both great themes with great support) for my personal website as I wanted visibility on the archive. I have almost 20 years of legacy content I want to keep alive (not the most common use case, I understand) and the archive important from that point of view. That said it would be nice at some stage to have better navigation options. Also quite a bit of long-form stuff. I do plan to ramp up the content creation … any day now :-) I have enjoyed working more on Ghost again as I did this.

Lorcan Dempsey’s web presence - librarian, writer, adviser

love black/white. what theme is it?

Thanks! It’s a custom theme I created.

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I love your site! What font do you use for your logo?

It is inter. :slight_smile:
And it is on Google Fonts

A nice and sleek design.

How are you creating your blog thumbnails?

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Thank you :slight_smile: the pictures in the topic cards? Those are the tag images with specific width and height sizes. handled by @bironthemes within the theme.

Just joined :grinning:

Entrepreneur psychology and how to run a business without it running you.

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