Share your Ghost Blog URL!

I have created a new ghost to share some information related to Ghost Blog SEO

Here is the website:
Ghost SEO


Looks good! Only thing I noticed is that the Contact button in the nav dropdown has a big gap on the left.

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Just switched from Krabi to Tuuli (both great themes with great support) for my personal website as I wanted visibility on the archive. I have almost 20 years of legacy content I want to keep alive (not the most common use case, I understand) and the archive important from that point of view. That said it would be nice at some stage to have better navigation options. Also quite a bit of long-form stuff. I do plan to ramp up the content creation … any day now :-) I have enjoyed working more on Ghost again as I did this.

Lorcan Dempsey’s web presence - librarian, writer, adviser

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love black/white. what theme is it?

Thanks! It’s a custom theme I created.

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I love your site! What font do you use for your logo?

It is inter. :slight_smile:
And it is on Google Fonts

A nice and sleek design.

How are you creating your blog thumbnails?

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Thank you :slight_smile: the pictures in the topic cards? Those are the tag images with specific width and height sizes. handled by @brightthemes within the theme.

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Just joined :grinning:

Entrepreneur psychology and how to run a business without it running you.


Good to see a photo blog using Ghost.

Looks amazing! Which theme are you using?

Hi folks! Wanted to share one of my blogs,

Error States explores how things go wrong.
How do public digital things such as software, hardware, and AI break? And what the implications of that are as we move from analog to digital public infrastructure?
Things go right in few ways, and wrong in infinite ways.

It uses an extremely heavily customized Ruby theme and was a lot of fun to build (and write content for). It used to be a Hugo CMS blog and I spent a good portion of October porting everything over from Hugo to Ghost.

Hi all!

Sharing my site

Martech Playbooks is where marketers come to learn marketing technology.

Feedback welcome :smiley:


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Here’s my Ghost blog: Conscious by Chloé, a Sustainable Lifestyle Blog focusing on Zero Waste, Slow Living, and Ethical Fashion.

@thimiraonline Stunning!

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I want to collaborate with other Ghost users.

I started, a blog, podcast and travel series for nomads, expats, immigrants, refugees, third-culture children and anyone else that feels inescapably foreign. I share stories, sociopolitical musings, language learning tips, and essays about cultural psychology to break down borders.

I would love to work with some other writers. If one of my articles aligns with your brand and project, please feel free to cross-post my articles (and adjust them as you wish) as long as you add a link to my

If you have articles that would be a good fit for my website, I’d love to share them on my site and social media.

very nice, it would be interesting to have templates like this ready to buy

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