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nice! I like the modern background

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Thank you!!!


I’m using Simply Theme by @GodoFredoNinja on my site I just loved the theme! it has some neat features included!!!

I created as a showcase of blogs built with Ghost. Hope everyone finds it inspiring and useful.


Ultimate study case here. Our initial purpose got so overwhelming with wordpress, that at one point things slowly died out. Ironically, our project is what wordpress’ original goal was/is: a publishing platform.

With over 20 plugins that constantly required updating and tweaking, it was time to let go. Here’s a picture of what we let go of: (I wish I also snapped Google/Pingdom’s old results)

Current setup is with:

  • Digital Ocean droplet
  • Digital Ocean Spaces
  • Cloudflare
  • Casper theme with basic css tweaks

There’s a ton more I’d like to do but Ghost has helped reignite the fire this project once had. The link to all of this can be found here.



mine is

basic lyra theme.

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Here’s my another site

Using Mapache by GodoFredo

And hosted at DigitalPress


Android වැඩකාරයෝ

Is there any blog site which has membership enabled with stripe payment?

Hey there! I’m not a developer at all, but I created this custom theme (using Bootstrap 4) for my blog,! It’s been really fun learning about ghost and development overall.

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Interesting topic :smiley:


@iLoveBug The Lyra theme has Stripe Built-In:

Running on Casper with some tweaks :slight_smile:

I blog at It’s hosted on DigitalOcean and uses a slightly modified Casper theme. And I use Isso for a self hosted comment solution.

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The team behind Kveikur, a weekly news program broadcast on RÚV, Iceland’s largest television channel, uses Ghost to publish its reports online. We made a custom theme. It is in Icelandic:


Hello, my first post at the forum.

My Blog, currently using casper, looking to change.

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Can you send me some seeds?

I’m writing a Blog about everyday questions abou law (I’m an austrian lawyer).

Unfortunately, it’s currently in german only.



Recoded JustGoodThemes paid theme to suit our branding + extra features:

Couple of things on the addition list:

  1. Want to add a good search.
  2. Add /tag/members area so they can read only the membership posts.

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