Sharing buttons that include analytics (SOLVED)

Quick question: What solutions are out there, that can be used on Ghost, that both add sharing buttons to posts AND track the number of shares by post and channel?

I am currently using AddThis, which does both these things, and as far as I can tell, does them well. But, I’m pretty sure the reason it is free to use is that the parent company (Oracle) is hoovering all the data for sale elsewhere. So, I’d rather use something else, IF there is another choice.

Okay, solved my own question.

I use Clicky for analytics ( It provides a way to track events and links, but also a way to track goals. So, after some back-and-forth with the support staff, I was able to add a snippet of code in share.hbs that writes to the Clicky log whenever someone clicks one of the sharing buttons. Then I get up a goal for each social media channel to total the clicks.

AND, good thing I did this, as AddThis is going away in about a month.

Hello, would you mind to share a code or just to tell me how to do this. I’m struggling with the whole share buttons thing her.
Thanks Jan

Depends on what you are asking.

If you want sharing buttons on your posts, most themes include them. I would look at the theme documentation.

If you want sharing buttons that also track how many things a post is shared, you’ll have to do like I did (or get someone to do for you): write code that senses the click on the sharing button and writes it somewhere, then provides you a way to see the resulting count.

Great, thanks for your reply