🚀 Shoprocket.io + Ghost: Full ecommerce in 37 seconds

Hi all, we’ve recently completely rebuilt shoprocket.io and it’s even easier to add to Ghost now.

I’ve posted a short guide on how to start selling on Ghost, it only takes 37 seconds to integrate.


Keen to hear your thoughts and feedback on how we could offer more value to Ghost users :pray:

This is nice - is it possible to change the position and the behavior of the cart?

Absolutely, you can position the cart in any of the 4 corners of the screen, or use a sidebar cart instead of our “bubble” style that will attach to either the left or right hand side of the screen.

We don’t use iframes either so all of the elements become part of your DOM, so you can customise it further with your own css for more granular control over the style if needed.

As for the cart behaviour, was there something specific you had in mind?