What I'm working on - eCommerce within Ghost

For anyone wondering about all the questions and what I’m up to:

I’m working on an eCommerce integration using Stripe. You can read more about it here: A shopping experience for Ghost

Or see a preview video here:

Is it beefy like some paid services? Nope. Could you sell a handful of products with it, without paying for anything extra (assuming you already have Ghost hosted somewhere)? Yup.

Definitely still in WIP land, but thought folks might be interested. Feedback welcome!



It’s really great.

I’ve been looking for a simple e-com solution for Ghost for a while.

Wanted to ask:

Can it be integrated with a current theme? E.g. I’d like to keep using the current theme but still implement some features of the cart.

Can the add to cart button be added to the product details page?


I have the add to cart added to the product pages at this point. (That wasn’t true yesterday morning, but i was busy yesterday. Layout still needs work.) Latest screens are on my website.

You could certainly merge these theme additions into a different theme. I think it’s going to take some minor editing theme of files (because the javascript is replacing certain divs that aren’t in the original theme), but there’s no specific reason I chose Ruby other than I thought it was a good starting point. When I’ve gotten it nicely polished, I’ll add some documentation about what code to copy over into an existing theme, too.

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Great news. I’ll wait for it then

A demo is available at https://ruby-sales.sarisky.link.


Okay, I checked out the demo site. Some interesting features there, for sure.

Question: What do you mean by “the rest comes from Stripe on the fly”? Are you storing products and prices and such in Stripe? Does Stripe have its own cart as well? If so, that would be very helpful, to not have yet another cost/system to deal with.

You can define products in Stripe. Each product in Stripe has a name, at least one price, and can have one image and a description. So yes, I’m storing products and prices in Stripe. Stripe doesn’t exactly implement a ‘cart’, but it takes orders as lists of products to be paid for, which is rather like a shopping cart. I’m managing the cart with client-side JavaScript, storing it in Local Storage so it’ll persist between visits.

On this page: Rapid storefront , everything comes from Stripe. (I’m fetching products and prices from Stripe. Nothing is stored on Ghost.)

On this page: Better store front. , you additionally create a post for each product, allowing you to include more photos, details, etc, in addition to the Stripe product entries. That allows more detailed product listings. Prices are pulled live from Stripe (so you only have to update them in one place), but everything else is in Ghost.

Yeah, I went with Stripe because I figured anyone who had Ghost subscriptions set up would appreciate not having to use a different vendor.

Purchase info gets stored in Stripe. You can retrieve it there through your dashboard, or you can set Stripe up to email you about them.