Should I wait for Ghost v6.0?


I’m currently in the process of developing a new theme for the Ghost blogging platform and am very excited about this. However, I’ve recently heard rumors about the potential release of Ghost v6.0, and I’m concerned about the compatibility of my current development efforts with the upcoming version.

Could someone from the team or anyone with updated information share the status of Ghost v6.0? Should I wait for the new version?

Thank you!

If/when breaking changes are made for themes they are announced well in advance and gscan is updated beforehand to let you know what needs updating in your theme. There’s no need to wait for anything :slight_smile:

A 4.x theme will /almost/ work on Ghost 5.x. I’ve taken less than an hour to update one, if you don’t add the new features, just tweak what’s giving errors or has changed names. [Maybe a smidge longer if the theme is full of custom membership flows.] (I’ve done it for a couple folks.)

And it’s not like we have a date for 6.x… Might as well get your theme out there and figure you’ll do the updates if/when they’re needed.