Sidebar for Casper theme

Hello Guys, i tried to make a left and right sidebar for the post but couldn’t get it working to be responsive for mobile and desktop, btw I’m using the default Casper Theme version 4.7.2. So i was wondering maybe someone here in the forum might be able to help me. (Unfortunately I’m a backend developer and frontend is a whole new world for me except Bootstrap)

I tried to create something like this

the left sidebar is fixed

I appreciate any help

Hi @3rKaN_BRATTE ,
What type of help do you need? I can help you.


I’m trying to make sidebars like on this site i already have the table of contents div but I can’t get it to stay left alongside the content of the post and stay fixed at one point of scrolling and not fixed at the end of the post. And probably the easy part, but still hard for me, a right sidebar that I fill with various content and is not fixed. And that the table of contents on mobile is under the image header and the sidebar right is under the post content. I hope I could explain it to you. BTW the default Casper Theme version 4.7.2.

Could you please show me your website? Did you add anything or Do you need help to create sidebar and table of contents?

Sorry for the late reply.

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I need help to create the sidebar. The only thing I created was the table of contents script and the div for it, but without CSS, it’s on the site but with “display: none;” hidden.

Sorry for my late response.
I have checked your website. Do you need help to complete it by yourself?

If you need me to do the work, I can complete all the parts like the sidebar and table of contents. Extra cost is needed for this. Please send me enamul at


Hi! Could someone explain how to add a sidebar in Casper v5? Thanks…