Implementing a sidebar to the Casper theme

I am trying to add a sidebar to the default Casper theme (version 2.3.2)

I followed instructions here:

but my sidebar is always on top of the {{{body}}}

Since the tutorial above is outdated and their example on Github no longer works I also tried a simpler way but this have the same problem.

Please check the screenshots of default.hbs and screen.css

Here is the default.hbs screenshot


Just for info, I am trying to to make a sidebar like this one:

The ghostforbeginners tutorial is still a good starting point to accomplish this. You will mostly use the CSS to get this working. Easiest would probably be to find some open source Ghost themes that have a sidebar and see how it’s done there.

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If you like I can help you get it done. PM me if yes.

Thanks, but I prefer being able to learn how to do it

No problem. Still feel free to contact for help with code. I would love to help you.

I would’t charge you for this. It’s free.

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