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Ghost looks interesting. Can it be used in a silo structured format? I’m currently building a site in html and css because i wanted to get away from wordpress, but you know the difficulties in keeping a large html site organised.

Can you say more about you need to build a site in a silo structure?

Our theme docs here will likely be helpful: Ghost Handlebars Themes - Building a custom Ghost theme - Docs

and this tutorial: Building content collections in Ghost

thank you I will have a read.

I always make sites in a silo format, because its satisfying and good for SEO, although clusters are the new thing, I still prefer Silo

Great. Let us know if you have questions.

At risk of causing offence, may I challenge your explanation for using a ‘Silo Structure’? Of course, why we each do things should always accommodate our preferences and believes.

So, when you say ‘Silo’ is good for SEO, I’m compelled to say that whilst some agree with you, most do not.

And when you say you like creating content that way, I’m equally keen to say that a design practice that encourages creativity (for example because one likes it) has real merit.

Pros and cons then. I find Ghost is much better suited to a Pyramid structure and believe that when used with care and planning, is better for SEO.

Try this article from AHREFS

SEO Silo Structure: Why It Makes No Sense (And What to Do Instead).

I remember that article :D

No offence taken my friend. I’m not a purist so i don’t say silo is the definitive best. There are many ways to structure, - silo, cluster, pyramid and then the sub layouts within each. I honestly can’t say which is better, i think that depends of the format and type of site you are building.

I first heard of silo structure half a decade ago from Bruce Clay, then as more people were using it like Kyle Roof and Matt Diggity I thought I would re-discover it. I like the ahref’s article, they make some good points - but experience shows that it really does help, significantly (at least over a typical layout). Maybe I will check out the other types also and get a feel for them.

Thank you for your input.

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